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Re: 40 most used ICD-9 codes in Podiatry

You can access the BMAD data directly from the APMA website if you are a member.  Look under Members/Reimbursement Issues/BMAD statistics.  They have the latest 2008 Medicare report.  Unfortunately, the website only lists CPT usage, not ICD.  I went into more detail here, but only because I feel that many DPMs DO NOT LOOK AT THEIR OWN BMAD data.

For common ICD-9, I would reference the APMA Coding Resource Online as an advantageous tool for online coding issues.  Also, as an APMA member, I do believe you are entitiled to Codingline Silver as part of your membership.

Included in the BMAD are tables listing the top 300 services and procedures for podiatry; submitted frequency data according to various specialties; the top 50 services performed nationally and by state; and data reviewing the use of modifiers -25 and -59, among many other statistics.

if you haven't ordered your own BMAD practice analysis yet, I highly recommend you do so.  The personal report will show you how you have been coding relative to your specific geographic area by procedure and what areas that you could possibly be exposing yourself coding-wise.

Check your local Medicare carrier's website, and search BMAD.  Somewhere in the search you can download a request form.  It takes about 10-30 days to generate a report for you (or your group).


Re: 40 most used ICD-9 codes in Podiatry

Here is a list of ICDs that are most popular:

Tinea Pedis  110.40

 Hallux Valgus 735.00

Hallux Rigidus 735.20

Tailor's Bunion 727.10

 Hematoma and Contusion 719.17 & 924.20

 Hammertoe Deformity 735.40

Hypertrphic Bone Spur 733.9

  Metatarsal Joint Deformity735.50

Verruca Vulgaris/Plantaris 078,10

Atherosclerosis Obliterans 442/20

Peripheral Vascular Disease, NOS 443.9

Osteoarthrosis, multiple joints 715.97

Sprain of Ankle/Foot 845.01

Rupture of Tendon of Foot 726.73

Plantar Fascial Fibromatosis 728.71

Achilles Tendonitis 726.71

Abcess of Toe 681.10

Abcess of Ankle or Foot 682.70

Ulceration of Leg, NOS 707.10

Decubitus Ulcer of Foot 707.07

Periostitis w/o Osteomyelitis  730.07
Osteomyeltis, Acute 730.27

Ingrowing Nail 703.0

Onychomycosis 110.1

Pain in Limb729.5

Diabetes Mellitus (need 5-digits for specificity) 250.xx

Deformity of Ankle and Foot, Acquired 736.79

Unspecified Foreign Body (glass, etc.) 917.6

Fracture, Phalanx, closed 826.0

Fracture, Metatarsal, closed 825.25

Fracture, Ankle, closed 824.8

Ganglion Cyst 727.43

Morton's Neuroma 355.6

Mononeuritis of Unspecfied Site 355.79
Ankle Sprain 845.00

Lateral Ankle Sprain 845.02

Medial Ankle Sprain 845.01

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome 355.5