Alan Sherman, DPM, CCMEP, is a board certified podiatrist who practiced in Delray Beach Florida for 25 years. In 1995, Dr. Sherman founded an online community and website called Podiatry Online, which grew to become the largest Internet community and advocacy group for podiatrists in the world. Podiatry Online was acquired by McKesson in 2000, and Dr. Sherman continued to run it for 3 years, when he stepped down as Editor. He co-founded PRESENT e-Learning Systems in 2003 with Michael Shore, DPM, which went on to become a leading provider of online CME education and social networking services for health care professionals. Its first product was PRESENT Podiatric Residency Education Online, which standardized the curriculum for podiatric residency programs across the country via its weekly online lecture series and ezine publications. PRESENT e-Learning Systems then created PRESENT Diabetes, who's "Mentor" online CME education and social networking platform provides professional education to over 90,000 diabetes care professionals. PRESENT puts on 5 live podiatry conferences a year, the East and West Superbones Conferences, the Desert Foot Conference for the VA, and the East and West PRESENT Podiatric Residency Education Summits. PRESENT e-Learning System's most recent product is Mentor, an online learning program that is being used to teach residents at Mount Sinai Medical School, Harvard Medical School and the University of Maryland inpatient management of diabetes. Son Evan graduated from Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons in 2011and is doing a residency in Pediatrics at Columbia. Daughter Ali graduated with a BS in Business and Marketing at the University of Florida, and now works as a sales associate for DL1961 Jeans in NYC. Alan is their biggest fan. ________________________________________