I have been trying to research online with very little accurate results. For someone who has had their toenails removed or permanently damaged, are there any procceedures that are currently being done to surgically implant a permanent replacement toenail for aesthetic purposes? 

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  • P.S. still going to the beach, life is short. I don't care about people see
  • I had my toe nails on both feet remove in the mid eighties.bad advice from my doctor at the time.I discover on my own how to cure fugus with over the counter medication years later on other toes. I wish I never taken the doctors (dpm] advice. The solution was so simple to cure.

  • I always wonder if there is something out there to reverse the damage to the nerves destroyed purposely, to regrow the nail. However, in some cases the nail bed would have to be reconstructed anyways due to problems that occurred in the first place for the nail to have to be removed.
  • well said  

    I have spent 30 years of my life ashamed of my freak toenails.  And I would do anything to have permanent toenails.

    Back in the 80's, i am toenail surgery, for ingrown nails.  Little did I know my toenails would end up looking like I was a freak.  I was nervous about doing it; and the podiatrist own words were "all the models were doing it"  He assured me, he would just take a little bit off the nail.  Well what i was left with was a pencil size nail on one size and a mishaped crooked nail on the other foot but a little bigger.  Ever since that day, my nails have been hidden.  

    It is not a vanity thing. So those who feel it is and this is a trivial thing----Do not voice your ignorant opinions,  I have tried fake nails, acrylic tips, gel tips, keriflex. LCN---and nothing works.  I feel like i have been cheated.  

    Summer is about fingernails, toenails, sandals and I cannot participate.  It makes me sad and not want to even go to the beach.  I look like a weirdo wearing closed shoes in 90degree weather.  I wish i had the know-how.  Because this would be a multi-million dollar industry.  

    Someone help us.  I would be a willing person for a trial if there is any person with the know how.  Its 2016, why is their no  development on this.  Look at the people who need help.  It is a devastating thing to esteem and puts people in depression and isolation.  Obviously, this is a situation, that needs help.  Look at all the people suffering with the same problem.



  • I respect what you already know. But knowledge is unlimited over time.

  • I prefer to keep an open mind . Everything is Possible.

  • You are looking at the first patent, where I used an acrylic nail. The current design uses a polypropylene matrix. It resists the mechanical influences of footgear and activity, and can be easily replaced if disrupted or damaged, much like my dental bond that has been replaced many times through the years.

  • I would not call it drama when it effects someones personal life. Some people may not care but not eveyone is the same and it's easy to judge if it does not affect you. There is no permanent solution available at all right now as we stand as there is to most other, with the exception of a missing limb being as a prosthetic is visible. My point was we have made progress in society to help hide most cosmetic flaws, permanenetly, but not this.

  • Dr. Bauman, thank you for taking the time to post! I hope that having the support of people on this site, many of whom have an interest in such a product, can help move things along and bring your product to market. I know you've had your share of setbacks health-wise. I hope this community proves helpful in providing support and truly hope an investor or group of investors jumps on board and can help get things moving for you. Thank you for providing an ear to patients who sometimes feel we are not being heard and for continuing to work on this patent. Perhaps it's true that things need to be kept in perspective and a missing nail is not the end of all things, but for many here it is a "big deal."

    We are rooting for YOU!

  • Quote:

    Thank you Dieter,

    I only feel the social responsibility to share my observations. Sure I would welcome you making the case on my behalf. 


    You are not making an observation, you are offering only an unsubstantiated claim. Best I can deduce, from that:  this can serve only to further frustrate those who feel social and psychological pressure to regain their nail. Not very responsible, social, or any other way.  In any case, so go ahead. Instead of sidestepping in the most slippery way, let me know who to contact. 

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