Do any of you coding specialists know the code for sinus tarsi injection?  I think the dignosis is 726.79 but my coder  tells me she can't find an injection code, and I haven't found one either.

Larry Aronberg, DPM

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  • I would change the diagnosis from sinus tarsi syndrome to something more generic such as synovitis/capsulitis and the crossover for the injection would be 20605.  I dont think the entity sinus tarsi syndrome is descriptive enough to payers to put an actual cpt code for the injection. Just my thoughts

  • Ah, but you'll note that the surgical crosscoder from Ingenix doesn't list that for 726.79. That's my problem.  I could use those close-to codes, but surely there must be one actually for sinus tarsi syndrome


  • I have always billed 20605  for this injection. Also dont forget to include the medication code.