Two New Studies Show Best Ways to Avoid Metabolic SyndromeJune 28, 2013 


We’ve long suspected this, and now a large study documents it: Adolescents who spend more time

doing sports and less time watching TV are at lower risk of having metabolic syndrome as adults.

A population-based study in Northern Sweden inquired into the activities of adolescents and matched the

questionnaire responses against their health status as adults. TV watching habits and leisure-time physical

activity correlated significantly not only with later metabolic syndrome, but also with individual contributing

factors such as hypertension and triglyceridemia.


RESULT:  Television Viewing and Low Leisure-Time Physical Activity in Adolescence Independently Predict

the Metabolic Syndrome in Mid-Adulthood
Diabetes Care | Jun 25, 2013


In trying to reduce visceral fat, which has the greater influence: calorie deficit, dietary quality, or

physical exercise?Researchers in the Department of Medicine, Institute of Cardiology, and Lipid

Research Center at Laval University in Quebec have sought the answer in an intervention study of

93 viscerally obese men with metabolic syndrome who used the DASH (Dietary Approaches to

Stop Hypertension) diet. Their results attest that merely counting calories is not the best strategy

for weight loss.

RESULT:  Changes in Both Global Diet Quality and Physical Activity Level Synergistically Reduce Visceral

Adiposity in Men with Features of Metabolic Syndrome 
The Journal of Nutrition | Jun 20, 2013

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