Has anyone here seen the online resource called Foot Surgery Atlas? It is free and very informative. The photographs are superb. It is heavy on intraoperative photographs and slim on written word/narrative.

FootSurgeryAtlasI searched for the authors/owners of the site, expecting perhaps the Podiatry Institute or ACFAS. Instead, it is a group of surgeons (Mr. not Dr. by the way) out of the UK.  I suddenly felt like the stereotypical Ugly American and I try not to be like that.

I would share with you some of the amazing photos therein but they have a very tight “use of content” section. So, if you can’t share, what’s the good of it?

Dozens of procedures are shown, in detail intraoperatively and are divided by geographic region (ankle, forefoot, hindfoot and midfoot) and by manufacturer of materials used:

Aircast: Achilles debridement, Achilles reconstruction using FHLTT, advanced arthroscopic ankle fusion, etc. Another, DePuy, calcaneal osteotomy, LisFranc fusion, Triple arthrodesis and a few I haven’t even heard of (Moberg procedure? Looks like a cheilectomy for hallux rigidus…)

It is exactly what it claims to be – a surgical atlas available for personal use. I have often gotten out my dogeared McGlamry (until it was stolen so now I have a nice new edition) to review before going into surgery. This is an excellent quality, picture heavy, free resource. It will be interesting to spend some more time with it to see if the procedures from “across the pond” differ greatly from ours here.

I don't know too many American foot surgeons, MD/DO or DPM, who would post their surgical photos on-line for all to see. We are a much too litigious society for that! Try it out and let me know what you think.

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  • “It is no substitution for appropriate tuition and fellowship training, and is not intended as such.  This is, however, the book I wish had existed when I was progressing through my training.  It reflects the practicalities of modern banner ad design cost operative practice in Foot & Ankle surgery, in particular the interplay of applied anatomy with current surgical instrumentation and new implants.  However, in distinction to any other resource available, the foot surgery atlas guides you through visually, in high resolution images, and detailed text, exactly the multiple stages that each procedure really requires.”  Mark Herron

  • I will definitely agree with that observation. As will many a doctor in the UK. The Orthopedic Consultant probably will not, but that's another story ...

    I will do what I can to ward off the copyright police!
  • Interestingly enough, some of the procedures are not actually demonstrated.  Rather, they only display the science behind the product utilized in the procedure (with the banner & backing of the company who provides the product behind the procedure), i.e., GraftJacket, for one.

    That said, I am still working my way through this website.

    Thanx for sharing Doc Kat-Sat.  You never cease to amaze.  You must lead a life tirelessly engaged in search and research.  You are truly one who makes this site worthwhile.  Always enjoy and appreciate your input.  Also, you have quite the readable writing style if I may say so.


  • That's fascinating, Dieter.

    A colleague and I were talking about why, in America, people feel Surgeon is a more prestigious title than Doctor. In my opinion, the smartest person in the hospital was always the Internist or Oncologist (who was an internist first) and definitely proud to be a Doctor. It is always interesting to hear how the rest of the world views things. Is that system - Doctor to Mr. - used elsewhere in the world??

    Chris Robertozzi, former president of APMA nailed it, I believe, when he said that for most podiatrists who are not involved in any way with academic medicine (and so aren't around MDs all day, serving on the same committees, etc.), the only time that they are in contact with these rareified souls is in the OR. Hmm, hadn't thought of it in that way before.

    By the way, I didn't put that photo of the Foot Surgery Atlas on my first comment!! Are the copyright police from the UK going to swoop in on my email address and sue me? Sheesh! LOL!!


  • The title of "Mr" is the context of surgery denotes a surgeon of the highest clinical grade (there are several) in the UK system of health care. It is synonymous with the title of "Consultant" and carries significant authority. There is really no US equivalent, that I can relate to, since it's not the same as Attending. The UK / MD surgeon will be MD first and upon award to the status of surgeon will proudly revert to the the title of Mr. After that the surgeon will be mildly offended if he is referred to as doctor, as he has progressed beyond this designation. The tradition has roots and pays homage to the historical evolution of the barber-surgeon.
  • Fabulous site.  Thanks for sharing!

  • This site is beautifully constructed and a valuable education tool.  Thanks, Kathy, for this excellent reference.

  • Kathleen, thanks for finding and sharing. You are right, the photos are fabulous ! What a resource.

    Dave Gottlieb, DPM personal opinions only