The Desert Foot 2013 was my first Present Podiatry Conference but certainly not my last.

The quality of international lecturers from all specialities including DPM, MD, PhD, RN, PT, Laboratory Scientists and Pedorthics drove home the team effort necessary to diagnosing and caring for The Diabetic Foot. The variety of the 700+ attendee credentials reinforced that fact.

20 minute lectures with short bullet teaching points organized and monitored by Dr Sherman gave an unbiased, Sunshine Act conforming, experiential trip to neuropathy, Charcot, wound healing, biomechanics and many other cutting edge topics.  Every lecture evidence based, purposefully unbiased (I had to resubmit my PowerPoint presentation 9 times until they were compliant) teaching the audience various facets of The Diabetic Foot ordinarily not available in their day to day lives.

From everyday pearls to sophisticated cellular biology, science based wound healing and biomechanics, there was something applicable and inspirational in every well attended session for three days.

This conference rivals any ADA, ACSM, Integrative and Surgical conclave I have ever attended or been involved with both in scope and professionalism.

Speakers, exhibitors and attendees (Residency Directors, VA DPM's, RN's and Residents, Native American Reservation Residency Directors, DPM's, RN's and Residents and DPM Private Practitioners) spent harmonious 14 hour days raising questions and answering them from all sides of the spectrum. The buzz alone made it worth being there.

Finally, and possibly most importantly, the experienced Present team put together by Dr's Shore and Sherman working tirelessly behind the scenes to make the conference flow as a well oiled, well managed machine catering to the needs of all involved seamlessly making it work eliminated most of the tiredness and boredom that I have learned to expect from conferences.

I recommend to anyone involved with The Diabetic Foot to visit the lectures and other materials that harvest from The Desert Foot 2013 that Present makes available. It is important if you work with diabetic feet to experience The Conference if only from a distance.  I would urge all to consider attending one or more of the future programs put on by Present, each so vastly different and each a role model for educators, practitioners and students around the world to follow.

I know that I will from here on in.