I take Vitamin D. They say Vitamin D deficiency is Epidemic in the Northeast. I take 50,000 units once weekly.

It used to cost me two dollars and change with my old insurance for 4 pills. I was thrown off my old plan. I started my new one as of Dec 1st as my broker stated premiums could and likely will rise as of the first of the year.

My 2 dolllar vitamins now cost me 10 and change. (Double that cause my wife takes it.)

I asked the dispenser how much would it of cost without my insurance? He told me 11 dollars.

So I saved less than a dollar with my insurance that is costing me a hefty premium. My old plan (before Obamacare) which was much cheaper saved me more percentage wise anyways.

Maybe, I should just try and get a good twenty minutes of sunshine a day.....  

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