The pictures above are from this article:

The article is in Spanish, but the story goes that a man in China had his hand traumatically amputated in an industrial accident.

Due to soft tissue loss as well as heavy contamination of the stump, the surgeons attached the hand to the mans ankle in order to keep it viable while the stump was revised and treated with antibiotics. Some time later, the hand was reattached by a multifaceted team consisting of micro-vascular, neurosurgery as well as orthopedics.

CNN actually also posted a story on this case (I'll provide the link, but I have yet to see the video myself).


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  • So PM News reported this today so it was no hoax, I am amazed at this.....I am amazed that a human being could figure out that this would work, that a human being was able to do the procedure...that the guy with the hand on the foot is not completely freaked out...or maybe he is....the human body itself never ceases to amaze me....
  • I was going to translate the Spanish article, but it was a bit long. I then attempted "Google Translate", but the translation was pitiful.

    I finally found the story from an English speaking source ( ).
  • Alex,

    You said it's a Chinese man and the story is in Spanish.....and his hand is attached to his foot???? Okay, stop. You are making my head hurt!! Hey, I guess it makes sense. Keep the hand viable until the amputation site can be revised maybe?? I've seen a man with his arm attached to his hand in preparation for producing a skin flap for facial reconstruction. Anything is possible these days.


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