The Lower Extremity Amputation Prevention (LEAP) Alliance is a not-for-profit organization that brings together podiatrists and Lions Clubs at the community level to provide DPN foot screening events at local health fairs and wellness events. There are 1.3 million Lions Club members throughout the world. Lions constitute the largest volunteer organization, and diabetes awareness and action programs are supported by Lion volunteers. Chances are there are one or more Lions clubs in your locale that would be happy to work with you in this program. If you are already a Lions club member, or would consider teaming with your local club in this progam, please check our webside  You can contact me at

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  • I love the work that Dwight and Larry are doing with this Lions Club networking and service program.  People that you do good deeds together with are most likely to want to work with you in the future.  Great stuff...


    Athens Lions Club will sound  the warning 2 days before Pearl Harbor Day.   "Alarm!!  Alarm!!  This is no drill!'

  • Lion Dwight, yesterday I caught up on some of my journal reading and finally got to reading the September issue of the APMA News.  If you read that issue, you will recall the article about Public Health and podiatrists.  A point was made that although podiatrists in general support public health efforts, very few become involved in any actual public health programs.  Well, maybe the next issue should have an article about how you took the initiative to partner up with the Athens Texas Lions Club and have trained its members to go out into the community and find diabetic peripheral neuropathy early on so that it does not go untreated and result in complications and amputations. And, of course podiatrists who participate in this program find there is not only the reward of helping save limbs, there is the great publicity, new friends, and respect of the community for podiatry that is gained. Of course, there are new podiatry patients as well, because finding DPN means making sure there are diabetic shoes dispensed, ingrown toenails surgically corrected so as not be become chronic problems.....etc.  Kind of Win-Win for everyone. Wouldn't it be great to have a network of podiatrists all over the country working with their Lions Clubs this way? It can happen. All that is needed are the podiatrists who want it to happen. 

  • I will say it again. "If you want help, ask a Lion.'   Not one time have I asked that it was not given.  The return on investment  thus far is 1,700 per cent.  Plus, I like these people!

  • If you need something important done RIGHT NOW ask a Lion.  Dr. Rubin, this was much easier than you predicted.  I like these people!!  If the aim is to screen for pathology, grow a practice, or simply to meet interesting people  the Lions  perform.  My object was all of these!

  • Dwight, it goes without saying that what you are doing with your volunteer work with the Athens Lions club is a great community service.  But a side benefit of this LEAP Alliance program is that it can generate great PR that benefits podiatry and the podiatrists cooperating with Lions Clubs.  It is Win/Win for everyone. Since there are Lions Clubs all over the country, and podiatrists all over the country, think of the overall possibilities of marketing preventive diabetic foot care right down at the community level where it really counts.



  • Dwight, I sent you info via email on how we can work together to get you involved with a club in your area.  I can assure you that you will get great satisfaction from volunteerism -- Lions like to call it, "The joy of helping others."  A side benefit is that you will find Lions to be very loyal to their business and professional members.  Don't be surprised when you find this to be the best source of referrals in your practice.  Larry

  • This is exactly what I have been looking for.   Thanks!    Bates