006 I've had no big toenails on my both feet since I was 8 years old.  I'm 43 years old and have tried everything on the market to get the ongrowth of my nails.. vitamins, raw diets and lamisil tablets.  Nothing out there has helped ease the discomfort and embarassment of ugly feet.  Since 2003 I've been using acrylic nails however they are unreiable and have to be replaced every 3 days and usually are likely to fall off unpredicatably.  Besides having to carry extra replacements in your pocket and the clue in the event that they need to be fixed at any moment, they are an inconvenient mess. The clue cap usually does clue itself to the bottle and proves to be pointless when you need to clue your nail back at the moment you need it.  There was one occasion where I was wearing flip flops and accidentally bumped my foot in front of a gentlemen in front of me and the nail flew off. That was the beginning and the end of that.  I have been working on a compound that has given the natural appearance of the nailbed on a transparent nail that adheres to the skin. I have no nail on my right toe and I am excited that it looks lke the color of my other toe nails.  It has been on a couple of days and has continued to hold on and looks natural....I am thrilled  Keep you posted



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