A resident has recently made the observation that most wound care studies, and publications by wound care product manufacturers, reference the efficiency of their new products against the old 'wet to dry' standard. This resident then states that since all these publications and manufacturers use 'wet to dry' [WTD] for comparision this means that WTD is therefore the Standard of Care for intitial wound care.

I've explained my belief that gauze and wet to dry and honey were all standard of care for the pharoahs and we should be able to do better. But we really do not have much published EBM data from those those times to document that. I've also explained that the FDA requieres comparision studies and the use of WTD creates a low bar to clear for any study to prove improved efficiacy and thus eventual approval by the FDA.

This forum seems like an ideal platform to get data from active, busy, podiatrists regarding this topic. So please answer the opinion poll whether or not you also leave a comment.

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Wet to dry is still considered the best initial treatment for wounds.
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