I'm considering to trying out "Dermapure" by Tissue Regenix (http://www.tissueregenixus.com/DermaPure).

Dermapure has been recently introduced to the US market and I was exposed to them while at Desert Fot this year.

The product is decribed as a "Human Decellularised Dermis" and is employed via a one-time application. The product then serves as a scaffold for ulcerated tissue to granulate into.

Here is some recent data: http://newsroom.tissueregenix.com/tissue-regenix-announces-publication-of-results-of-dermapure-human-decellularised-dermis-uk-trial-in-leading-wound-care

I look forward to reading any experience my collegues out there have with this product.

As always, I'll be posting a review once I try it out, I feel, it looks very promising.

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