I was in the hospital Monday rounding on a patient and was told flu shots were available. I don't like getting the shot. I am in the camp that believes many of these vaccines are not good for you. The problem is you can't just say you refuse it anymore. Well, you could but then the hospital makes it mandatory that you walk around like the Lone Ranger with a mask on. I don't like that either so I unhappily comply. While, the nurse walked away from me to make sure she was properly entering the vaccine lot number electronically on her hand held device, I picked up the package insert of the vaccine she was about to stick me with. I scanned the side effects reading how about 36% of people get myalgia, 34% get malaise and I'm thinking how freaking good can this injection be for you when more than 1/3rd of people get a reaction to the shot?? Ten minutes later after sacrificing my non dominant shoulder, my left arm went numb for about five minutes scaring the hell out of me. Then cold sweats for five minutes. I am now up at 3:30 am with a sore throat and runny nose wondering if I will be okay to fast for Yom Kippur tonight and tomorrow feeling like this. My plan is to stay hydrated and make sure I drink alot of water tomorrow. Lesson to be learned: no more flu shots before a fast day. If anyone is able to avoid the flu shot, as maybe you are not on staff at a hospital, I would highly recommend that. Dr. Mercola has written about normal vitamin D levels being more effective at preventing the flu then these flu shots. I believe that. In the past, when I refused the injection, I would prescribe myself vitamin D3 50,000 units once a week and never really got the flu. Now, with the shot, I get the flu as soon as I am inoculated. My second recommendation would be to buy Sanofi. They make the injection. Every, north-shore LIJ employee is offered the injection. They have a lot of employees......the stock is 49 and change. We can revisit that stock price after the winter and see if that was a good recommendation. An easy fast for all fasting. Yom Kippur is a Day of Atonement. So, if I offended anyone in any of these blogs, I apologize. It was not malicious and was more so for the sake of learning. Dr. Shavelson - you in particular. On my end, everyone is forgiven if they offended me. I wish everyone, Jewish or not, a great year, healthy and prosperous moving forward. I hope all survive ICD-10, and that things look better within the health industry. More importantly, you and your families should be granted with good health and low copayments.

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  • First year taking the flu shot and not getting the flu as a result of the shot.....yeah......
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    Dr. Bates please google "Dr Mercola flu shot facts". It's an eye opener....

    Yes, you are right.  Also please Google the 1918 Great Flu Epidemic.


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    Dr. Bates please google "Dr Mercola flu shot facts". It's an eye opener....

    Yes, you are right.  Also please Google the 1918 Great Flu Epidemic.

  • Dr. Bates please google "Dr Mercola flu shot facts". It's an eye opener....
  • Dr. Kass, thanks for the reminder about the season for flu vaccine.   I am medically pious.  If my doctor reccomends  it I want it.

  • Thanks, Dave, I think I'm okay today. I didnt feel any numbness in my arm for the first time since Monday.
    Gov't shutdown? I must of missed something with the holiday, I am not sure to the reference.....
  • Jeff,

    I hope you are recovering nicely. An immediate response like yours is more likely an immune response than an actual influenza infection. Personally I acknowledge that I have a strong placebo response to these things.

    I get the flu shot religiously every year. As a child my father would chase us down [my younger brother in particular] and deliver the flu shot to us himself. I've never had a reaction except the years my arm got a welt, and they I switched to the split vaccine [for peds and geries] and all was well.

    Now, my hospital has it mandatory for the flu shot. NO exceptions. No shot, no work.

    I like the idea of buying stock but let me see how this government shut down goes first.

    And a happy, healthy, wonderful new year for all!

    Dave G