In the description of CPT 97597 (Base code, Total wound(s), surface area first 20 sq cm or less) it states that no anesthesia is required for selective debridement and that it is "Active wound care management." I consider this a "Partial-thickness" wound since it does NOT breach through the dermis. However, CPT 11042 (Base code, subQ tissue, surface area first 20 sq cm or less) would be considered a "Full-thickness" wound since it penetrated through the dermis into subQ tissue. Is this assessment correct?

Would dispensing surgical dressings (hydrogel, alginate, collagen, etc.) be covered when billing CPT 97597 (+97598)? According to the Surgical Dressing LCDs, Policy Articles, and the NPUAP staging criteria, surgical dressings are covered ONLY for "Full-thickness" wounds, those that breach through the dermis into subQ tissue. 



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