The American College of Surgeons recently issued a policy statement, a set of guidielines on attire to be worn by surgeons in the OR and when leaving the OR.  This is not a matter of's to afford the maximum safety to the surgeon and to patients that is practical in today's world.  What do you think of the decisions they made ?


American College of Surgeons Guidelines on Operating Room Attire


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  • Seems like common sense with decent expectations, for the most part. Many of the recommendations already enforced by the hospitals.  I think many of us, maybe /sometimes fall foul of the  'dangling mask' issue, from time to time.

    Perhaps too much is made of the exposure of hair. I once chided, many moons ago, my assistant, who sported a full beard which was covered only partially by the surgical mask. Until he produced a research article which showed that bearded individuals present less of a cross infection risk than clean shaved people. Seemingly there is an association with the act of shaving and skin desquamation.

    One also has to wonder how effective is a surgical mask - last I heard this is good for 10-15 minutes.

    I also still see, from time to time surgeons, from different specialisms, who wear the mask below their nose.