PRESENT e-Learning Systems Announces Release of New Version of PRESENT Podiatry CME Website

Boca Raton, Florida January 23, 2017 - PRESENT e-Learning Systems is pleased to announce the public release of a major upgrade to its online PRESENT Podiatry Continuing Medical Education web portal. This upgrade elevates the design and functionality of the site to meet and exceed 21st century standards for online education websites. Most notably, PRESENT Podiatry now displays and works equally well on PCs, Tablets, and iPhones – all the devices PRESENT Podiatry members typically use to view lectures and earn CME credit on the site – from their homes, offices or when on the go.

How did mommy ever live without this?

PRESENT Podiatry administers the standardized online lecture curriculum for podiatric residency programs, PRESENT Online Podiatric Residency Education, now in its 14th year of operations. Thousands of hours of CME credit are earned annually by practicing podiatrists worldwide on PRESENT Podiatry in a convenient and cost-effective manner. CME certificates are generated instantly as they are earned, stored on the site permanently, and ready to be exported, emailed or printed when needed. Lively discussions are carried out daily on the site’s eTalk blog on topics covering the range of professional interests of today’s podiatrists. PRESENT Podiatry is the portal serving all of a podiatrists’ professional education needs.

PC Table or Phone

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As Viewed on iPhone

PRESENT e-Learning Systems is a medical education and communications company (MECC) that is among podiatry’s foremost live conference companies, presenting six conferences a year, including Desert Foot, Superbones Superwounds East and West, the Residency Education Summits East and Midwest, and their newest conference, The Future of Regenerative Medicine Congress. PRESENT currently runs three public online education community websites for medical professionals and publishes educational programming and other original content to over 130,000 members. Founded in 2004, PRESENT e-Learning Systems (http://presentelearning.com) is the first company to combine online multimedia medical education with social networking to create online education communities for healthcare professionals. In combining professional education with community, PRESENT has recreated the experience, online, that physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals are all familiar with experiencing live…that of attending a clinical medical conference. PRESENT is based in Boca Raton, Florida and employs 11 programmers, graphic artists, multimedia publishers, event management and support people on a full time basis.

Alan Sherman, DPM
PRESENT e-Learning Systems
5301 N Federal Highway, Suite 150
Boca Raton, FL 33487 USA
Ph: 561 998-7556

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  • Thanks David.  It's all working nice and smoothly and is finally offering all the features to all members that the old site site did, plus.  And we continue to make the old site available if members prefer that. It is synchronized with the new site...anything done on one is immediately visible on the other.  The old site can be accessed via the Classic Website link at the bottom of every page,





  • Whooo hooooo! Works same on my Galaxy Note Edge as on my pc.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Late to the party but I LOVE the new look!

    Keep up with the good work.


  • Eric, 

    Thanks for your feedback. We have pushed out an update that resolved this matter. 


    John Garland

    Director of Software Development

    5301 North Federal Highway
    Suite 150
    Boca Raton, FL 33487
  • Thanks for the Feedback Eric. Please use the button on the Right side of the website to report any bugs. It helps a great deal when troubleshooting issues. I'll try to get this problem resolved tomorrow evening.

  • On e-talk, when you click on one of the older threads you get the first page of that thread.   Before the switch over you would have to scroll and scroll to see the most recent post.   The idea of pages is a good one.   However, when you go to the bottom of the first page and click next you get redirected to the top of the first page.   Just below the next button there is a page number that says 1 of 8.   I can't see posts later than the first page. 



  • Alan:

    You continue to lead all of us into the future of media, marketing, education and podiatry professionally and skillfully.

    This is not me kissing your A _ _, this is me saying thanks big time.