Dennis Shavelson DPM/LifeStyle Podiatry Precepteeship   ------  accepting applications for the one available slot.

My last three preceptees who were not matched directly after graduating with a DPM degree went on to Residency after completing the program.

The program is located in NYC and is a professional, high tech and academic environment rooted in biomechanics.

Expect to develop professional and practice skills that will make you more appealing to Residency Directors and your colleagues.

Chris Vu, DPM, this years preceptee was ranked #1 in the recent scramble and was placed in Residency. I am sure that he will represent my bloodline well as have the other 30 preceptees I have mentored over the years.

Please email your resume and a short note as to what interests and/or passions you posess that separate you from other candidates.

Good Fortune to you all

Dennis Shavelson DPM 

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  • To All:


    Pleased to announce that this years preceptee slot has been filled by soon to be DPM Qian Xu from NYCPM.

    I look forward to another great experience as his preceptor.


    He will be my 35th.


  • My experience at Dr. Shavelson’s office was phenomenon.

    At Lifestyle podiatry, the focus of the practice is biomechanical engineering of the foot and lower extremity. The patients are foot typed, diagnose and treated according to each specific foot type. The foot typing concepts were hard to understand in the beginning. After couple of weeks, I began to understand the concepts and the importance of foot typing. Foot typing allows me to identify the current problems associate with each foot type and the mechanical problems that may happen to the patients in the future.

    After evaluating the patient’s foot typed using the Foot Centering Theory, Compensatory Threshold Training (CTT), Foot Centering orthotics, Neural strategy, Manual Muscle Testing, biomechanical problems to dystrophic nails, Dermatoscope and many other advanced technologies are used to treat and monitor the patients. These skill sets allow me to explain to the patients their underpinning mechanical problems and further enhance my rapport with the patients.

    My biomechanical and dermatology skill are improved tremendously and become unique skill sets that I can offer to my residency program.