20 Important Quotes from Medical School Commencement Speeches

What do Alan Alda, Bill Clinton and Abraham Verghese all have in common ?  They all delivered inspiring and insighful commencement addresses at major US medical schools in the last few years  See this important compilation that Medscape did of the best parts of these speeches...

"Every patient that you see has a new story to tell"

"Be Kind...never forget this"

"Stay curious"

"Medicine has always been about trying to think logically, based on the best available data"

"it is important to remember that there are a lot of smart, caring, committed, professional healthcare workers who don't have an MD degree"

"Your obligation...is to stand up for the vulnerable and the voiceless"



What advice would YOU add to these ?


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  • I would like to pay tribute to one of the great leaders of our profession, Dr. Leonard Levy, who would say time and time again, "Remember, we're not treating sore feet, we're treating people who have sore feet."  I try to pass this on to every podiatric and medical student and resident who rotates with me.  You can put any symptom or disease into this saying.