2017 Residency Summit Midwest Conference Re-cap

Residency Education Summit 2017
Conference Re-cap

Thank you for attending the 2017 PRESENT Podiatric Residency Education Summit Midwest. We hope you enjoyed the Conference as much as we enjoyed having you.

The 13th PRESENT Podiatric Residency Education Summit brought new education programs and career mentorship to Midwest residents this past weekend. Grand Sponsor, 3M, generously contributed to a great experience for 94 residents from 28 residency programs to attend 10 hands-on workshops, 2½ days of lectures, and a custom version of the Weil FABI practice management mentorship experience tailored to the special needs of residents.

New this year was a track on Practice Management led by Lowell Weil Jr, DPM, MBA along with fellow colleagues Matthew Dairman, DPM, Christopher Milkie, DPM and Richard Perez, DPM. Topics included Finding the Right Job, Basics of Medical Billing, Creating Office Efficiency and How to Sell Yourself.

Thank You to our Grand Sponsor

and all our Exhibitors and Alliance Partners


Aventura Hospital and DVA – Hines/Loyola Place 1st and 2nd Two Years in a Row

The Residency Rumble was held with Residency Director, Dr Marie Williams’ outstanding Aventura Hospital program taking first place for the second year in a row. Second place went to Residency Director, Dr Colleen Napolitano’s exceptional DVA-Hines/Loyola program for the second year as well. Kudos to these two great podiatric educators who give so much of themselves to the education of the next generation of highly trained foot specialists.


2017 Midwest Residency Rumble 1st Place Winners – Marie Williams, DPM's Aventura Hospital, Aventura, Florida, (In order, left to right), Andrew Thompson, DPM, Alton Johnson, DPM, Danielle Mooshol, DPM, Mashail Manzur, DPM, Ariel Lepoff, DPM, Gan Golshteyn, DPM

Second place honors went to Colleen Napolitano, DPM’s DVA – Hines/Loyola Program.


Pictured from left to right, Christina Staskiewicz, DPM, Bryn Laubacher, DPM, Katerina Grigoropoulos, DPM, Faraz Haque, DPM, Bryan Guigon, DPM, Sara Grimes, DPM

A combined team of Providence Hospital & Medical Center and DVA- Palo Alto took third place.


Pictured from left to right, Syed Mohiuddin, DPM (Prov), Stacey Constance, DPM (Prov Res. Dir.) Hye Jin, DPM (Prov), Mohomad Al-sawah, DPM (Prov), Samuel Austin, DPM (Prov), Lateef Lawal, DPM (DVA - Palo Alto)

Fourth place went to Oakwood Healthcare System.


Pictured from left to right, Alaa Mansour, DPM, Ashim Wadehra, DPM, Mitchell Flippin, DPM, Ryon Wiska, DPM, Tarin Paparela, Romesh Dhaduk, DPM

St. Vincent's Medical Center of Jacksonville, FL took fifth place.


Pictured from left to right, Noreen Anwar, DPM, Victoria Chirman, DPM, David Schweibish, DPM, Dariya Peretta, DPM, Jessica Taub, DPM, Cynthia Correa-Cedeno, DPM

It is notable that all winning programs use the PRESENT Online Residency Education lecture series as part of their program curriculum.


2017 Residency Education Summit Midwest
Produced Many Excited Winners!


This year we introduced a new and innovative way for the Attendees to win - Scratch-off cards. The prizes were Amazon® Echo Dots and Starbucks® Gift Cards. Echo Dots were awarded in recognition of participation in the workshops. Over 70 Starbucks® gift cards were distributed.


2017 Residency Education Summit Midwest Photo Album

Take a look. You never know who you may find... Follow this link or click on the image below to view the Residency Education Summit Midwest 2017 Conference Photo Album on Facebook.


Thank You for participating in this informative educational event.

The upcoming Superbones Superwounds West will be held at the Wynn Las Vegas, November 2-4, 2017.

Desert Foot Conference will be held at the Sheraton Grand Phoenix, Phoenix, November 29-December 2, 2017.

Next year's Residency Education Summit Midwest will return to the Hilton Chicago / Oak Brook Hills Resort - September 28-30, 2018.

Visit us PRESENTConferences.com for information on all of our conferences.



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