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Finding the CME Lectures that You Want is Now Easier than Ever at

Why is this important? Simply because of the huge number of CME lectures PRESENT Podiatry has available for you at any one time. CME lectures are a fresh product. We are constantly taking down old lectures and adding new ones. At any one time though, we have between 250 - 300 current lectures for you to view on the site.

So how do you find what most interests you?

Here's How:

There are three main areas to search for a lecture:

3 main areas for searching

Area 1 - The Dropdown Menu

Dropdown Menu
title divider

The three Sort by functions sort All Available Lectures for You

lower title divider
Displays all the lectures sorted alphabetically by titles
(The Default Selection)
Displays all the lectures sorted alphabetically by the author's last name
(You will see all lectures - both completed and those not yet viewed)
Newest Lectures-All
Displays lectures sorted by the date they first appeared on the site
(You will see all lectures - both completed and those not yet viewed)
title divider

The four Filter by functions are driven by Your Personal Activity in the Lecture Hall

lower title divider
Lectures Not Yet Started
Displays all lectures which have not yet been viewed or are not completed
In Progress
Displays only the lectures which have been partially viewed and are not completed
Certificates Earned
Displays all completed lectures with certificates earned
Recent Activity
Displays all lectures, both completed and in progress, from most recent to oldest
lower title divider

Please Note: The selection of any of the four Filter by functions will also display Your Totals in the upper left-hand panel. These will change based on the filter you apply.

Totals Panel

Area 2 - The Search Field

Dropdown Menu

Type a key word or phrase in this field to retrieve any lectures using the key word or phrase in the title

For example, when you search for osteomyelitis, you get:

Search Screen

Area 3 - My Lectures

My Lectures

When this box is checked, the lectures displayed change to a list of all your purchased lectures, plus those you have already completed and earned a certificate. The list can also be sorted by whichever Sort by function is selected.

We hope that you will find these new search and filter features easy-to-use, making more user-friendly and convenient for your CME requirements.

Sherman, DPM
Alan Sherman, DPM
CEO, PRESENT e-Learning Systems
5301 N Federal Highway, Suite 150
Boca Raton, FL  33487 USA
Ph: 561-998-7556
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