I am looking for podiatrists who are interested in utilizing a flooring concept for urban areas where access to responsive, tactile and soft flooring for the prevention of foot related injury.

Due to raising on dirt ground we are unequipped to careful stepping or motions which anticipate pain. Our generation is currently accepting the chair for breakfast, bathroom, transport, work, lunch, dinner and entertainment, leaving a thin margin of leg use and leading to handicap. Earth Floor homes are made for standing and laying lifestyle to mimic the most basic features of savanna and forestry. The flooring is designed to act as a surrogate of sediment, composed of either dirt, elastomers, or a mixture of both, with consideration of material displacement in areas of frequent traffic as an analog to foot paths that compact or reveal firmer soil beneath, while pushing the softer material to adjacent infrequent areas that will be used primarily for reclination. By allowing the bare foot to walk carelessly (heavily) without restraint of gentle (light-footed) steps, the body will lose tension attributed to painful steps taken during active social hours spent on concrete sidewalks or tiled office buildings. No careful sitting on delicate furniture. Earth Floors are designed to fall easily onto like you would on soil so that muscles used in the act to transfer from stand to lay are not tense nor slowed down. Earth Floors are good environment for infants and toddlers to navigate without fear, there would be no scraped knees or hard falls on stiff flooring; parents can crawl too. Furniture includes Floor Lamp, Reclining Log, Leaning Log, Entertainment Set Swivel, Stick Mat, Cobblestone Mat, Small Table,  Dining Table, Brush Plush, Pit Toilet for 4-Legged or Squat, Lay Mound, Foot Bath, Floor Sink, Plunge Bed, Burrow Pillow and Furniture Lift.

Illustrations and descriptions are available here http://publish.lycos.com/earthfloor

I am in the northeast of the United States.

Chris Lee


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