I’m a 17 boy who is very insecure about my right big toenail. Fungus initially arose from untreated athletes foot and caused the nail to fall off. The nail has been missing for over a year now, I allowed the nail to grow back at one point and had it recently removed, yet the nail bed has rapidly shortened and I’m worried It will stay permanently short. I have been prescribed terbinafine 250mg, however need to do one more blood test before I begin. I’m looking for advice on how to encourage my nail to grow without deformity or discolouration once I begin the treatment. I’m extremely worried about this for the future and don’t know what to do as my local podiatrist seemed unaware on the case of ‘dissapearing nail bed’. I’m able to show photographs of the problem by my email: jack.c.richardson@aol.com
Any help would be much appreciated

Many Thanks,
Jack, 17
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