Suhad Hadi, DPM presented a very interesting Dermatology/Pathology case in Residency Insight4/26 Soft Tissue Lesion/Mass Left Foot/Heel.



Dr. Hadi - Did you do an MRI?

Personally, I like them for soft tissue lesions. Can possibly give you information on depth/anatomical precision in location and at times give a clue to differential diagnosis.

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  • Jeff, I completely agree and did request an MRI to be done and, I am usually pretty consistent in having it done with all of my soft tissue lesions.  However, in this case the patient was brought to my attention and I was consulted after the first biopsy and at that point with the "tentative working diagnosis" that was made, all providers involved included myself decided to proceed with the re-do biopsy for definitive diagnosis.  This was explained to the patient and he was receptive to proceeding with the biopsy first and then further imaging if needed.  So, no MRI was done in this case.

    I'll be presenting the results of the case, including the definative diagnosis, in an upcoming issue of Residency Insight.