I have been trying to research online with very little accurate results. For someone who has had their toenails removed or permanently damaged, are there any procceedures that are currently being done to surgically implant a permanent replacement toenail for aesthetic purposes? 

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  • My email address for updates is mnj22100@comcast.net. Thank you so much!!
  • Sorry, for the long delay of communication. I have been working double shifts because my husband recently lost his job. Hope you can update me on your studies.  Thank you, Barbie Sadler, email mwbjsadler@yahoo.com 

  • My email is mwbjsadler@yahoo.com. I am very interested in your studies.

  • Alison
    When you say you need toe nails “replaced” do you mean because they have pieces missing or are they fungal and disfigured?

    The thread on here is for total replacement of the nail (I believe affixed onto the bone itself - although I don’t know the detail)

    My clinic in Kent (England) offers temporary replacement (like you mentioned in your note) that is not so invasive - would that be of interest to you? The name of the procedure is ‘Wilde Pedique’and I’m getting some good results on damaged nails and (if you have no nail) I can make a prosthetic nail but that would not last and would need re-affixing with medical glue bit is good for several days for a special event etc.

    I have a Facebook page you can view - “Linda Russell’s Foot Surgery” (I am a Podiatrist) should you require my details ?

    I look forward to hearing from you (if you are in England?).

    Kind regards
    Linda Russell
  • Yes please inform me if there is anything to replace a damaged toenail that looks good and is safe thank you katie.tepe@yahoo.com
  • Me as well. I am anxiously waiting for this to happen.y email address is brendan1205@live.com Thank you!!
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