I have been trying to research online with very little accurate results. For someone who has had their toenails removed or permanently damaged, are there any procceedures that are currently being done to surgically implant a permanent replacement toenail for aesthetic purposes? 

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  • I am anxiously awaiting as well...


  • Is there any more news regarding the toenail implants?  It's been over 3 months since the last update and many of us are anxious to hear.




  • My son wants his big toenails removed because they grow straight up. I have avoided the surgery because not sure what other young adults might say to him. Please add us to your list for these studies. As a mom I think a young man needs to be able to walk around in summer without sneakers.
  • Any update at this writing on you tube 

  • This is such exciting news.  

  • Hi all,


    I just exchanged emails with Dr. Bauman (I have been doing so for some time) and he has been in recent communication with the CEO of the company that is working to do the validation studies for his nail replacement patent.

    They are marketing for the validation studies in the south Florida area and need participants. There is likely an opportunity to have the procedure done at no cost for those who are in the Florida area. It would likely take several visits, so bear that in mind if you live far away...

    DR. BAUMAN IS ASKING THAT THOSE WHO ARE INTERESTED E-MAIL THE GROUP DOING THE VALIDATION STUDIES at soundhealthceo@gmail.com, AND ALSO Cc: nailsone@comcast.net (which is Dr. Bauman’s email).

    Even if you are not close by enough to have the procedure, it is important that they hear from you. They need to hear from enough participants who are serious about going through with the validation studies, and also need to hear that there are MANY people who want this procedure when it comes to market!

    If each of us here e-mail them, I think that would be a start.

    Please reach out!

  • Dear Mark Bauman,

    I hope your health has improved and that you’re doing well.

    I have been waiting for a permanent nail replacement solution for a long time. Thank you for all your time and dedication as well as for providing us all with hope.

    I hope to hear news about advancements with this procedure soon. Could you please add me to your email blast?


    Thank you once again,

  • Hello Colleagues,

    I'm am the COI for PRESENT e-Learning Systems. I just wanted to let you all know that we are working on some exciting new Lecture content on the topic of Toenail Replacements we plan on publishing to our Youtube Channel. If you'd like to be notified when that content is published please take a moment to Subscribe!

    John Garland

    Chief Intelligence Officer

    5301 North Federal Highway
    Suite 150
    Boca Raton, FL 33487


  • Please add me to your email blast. I’m desperate for some type of solution. I’m willing to travel or do whatever is needed. I recently had both my big toenails permanently removed due to constant issues (over the past 40 years). I regret my decision to have them removed because I’d rather deal with the pain than with this deformity. I’m a shoe girl and didn’t realize how devastated I would feel about my decision. I’ve heard of LCN Wilde Pedique and would love to try it but I’m not so sure about traveling far away for a temporary fix. I live in Boise, ID USA.
  • Hi!! Just checking in to see if any progress has been made or if there is any new updated?
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