I have been trying to research online with very little accurate results. For someone who has had their toenails removed or permanently damaged, are there any procceedures that are currently being done to surgically implant a permanent replacement toenail for aesthetic purposes? 

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  • Good Afternoon- to you, Donna, and to all those on this forum that have been asking, following. querying re my Nail Implant.

    I did finally communicate with the CEO of Soundhealth via email and phone.  He updated me on what has happened, and after a very long discussion, he told me of the upcoming plans to get the project moving.  Initially he was skeptical of the overall interest in having an artificial nail implanted.  He did acknowledge that there were roughly 30 potential candidates for the siudies, including many of you.  I still feel that there was not adequate advertising/marketing in southeast Florida.  I provided him with significtdetail based on my research and a number of official market studies, surveys, etc., as well as a business plan.  Some of this had been previously provided, but a review was quite helpful.

    Based on our discussions, it appears that the studies are to commence sometime in  May.  If all goes well, not too long in the future these implants will be on the market, so that those of you who will not be able to travel to southeast Florida will be able to have Nail Implants soon.

    Let's hope all goes well from here!!

    Dr. Mark L Bauman


  • Thank you for this update. 

    It sounds a bit confusing though.  What exactly does it mean?  



  • Greetings to all:

    As many of you know, I am the inventor of the process of creating an Artifical Nail Implant to replace diseased, damaged, deformed, or missing toenails.  As many of you also know, this past August the company that I was working with, Soundhealth, in Boca Raton, Florida, created an ad to be used in the southeast Florida region to reruit potential individuals to participate in Validation studies (to be candidate to have a Nail Implant  implanted in their toes).

    At the same time I had a copy of the ad posted in this forum to help identify possible current or future candidates for this procedure.  I realize that many members of this etalk forum do not live anywhere near southeast Florida, and may not be able to be part of this study, but ntacting Soundhealth (and copying me) would, at least, identify the fact that there are many individuals "out there" who desire "new" toenails.

    Since August therhave been at least 50 individuals who have copied me as they contacted Soundhealth.  However, to date, I have not received ANY feedback from anyone who has contacted Soundhealth.  I have attempted to respond to averyone who contacted me (with few unintentional exceptions).

    If any of you have any follow up information as to interaction with Soundhealth, please email me (nailsone@comcast.net) so that I'll know what has or hasn't happened, 

    Thanks in advance

    Mark L Bauman, DPM, FACFAS (ret)


  • Would someone please update us on how this is coming along?  Anxiously waiting.

  •   Mark,

      Was  just checking to see if you have heard any news about the toenail implant studies.  I have written to that email  we were directed to--but never heard   back. 

      Thank you,

      Barb at mwbjsadler@yahoo.com


  •      Is there any updates on this?

  • I am anxiously awaiting as well... is there any updates.   1/1/19.   anyone have any info.  my email is mwbjsadler@yahoo.com


  • Is there any more news regarding the toenail implants?  It's been over 3 months since the last update and many of us are anxious to hear.




  • My son wants his big toenails removed because they grow straight up. I have avoided the surgery because not sure what other young adults might say to him. Please add us to your list for these studies. As a mom I think a young man needs to be able to walk around in summer without sneakers.
  • Any update at this writing on you tube 

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