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How many CME credits does my state allow me to earn online ?
Section:  Certificates

More than Two-Thirds of State Boards of Podiatry
Now Allow ALL CME Credit to be Earned Online

There are now 33 states, two-thirds of all states, that impose NO LIMITATIONS on how many CME credits can be earned online. The most recent survey that we performed last week showed how much the CME world has changed since we first surveyed the State Boards of Podiatry in 2004, when there were only two states that allowed ALL CME credits to be earned online. Now it is the industry standard. 

As the largest provider of online education for the podiatry profession, you can imagine that we are asked this question quite often. In order to provide the best service for our loyal customers, we have updated the survey and put it up on our website for all to see.

Find your state in the tables below to see
how many CME Credits you can earn online ( as of Oct 2009):

Launch PRESENT Podiatry

Launch PRESENT Podiatry
Re: How many CME credits does my state allow me to earn online ?

Just wanted to update the chart.  Pennsylvania now requires 50 CME credits for every 2 years license renewal.

Re: How many CME credits does my state allow me to earn online ?

     Incredible statistics!  We have a grand average of 21.8 c.m.e. units per year required by the 50 states (& DC/PR).  We have our low requirement of "0" in Montana and then our four high requirement states of NJ, OH, MI, & IL each needing 50 per year.  I would think that this tremendous variation in cme requirements would be cause for concern by anyone who looked at it, whether they be politicians, bureaucrats from insurance companies, educators, or our own patients.  Shouldn't these laws be more uniform?  Are the c.e.u. requirements for other health professions as wildly varied as our own?   I believe we'd have more credibility and legitimacy if these requirements were A BIT more uniform.  Comments?   Vincent