PRESENT Podiatry Board Review w/ Boards By The Numbers

Obtaining Board Certification or Board Eligibility is a rite of passage. It is a confirmation that you have mastered the techniques and fundamental knowledge of podiatric medicine, surgery, and orthopedics.

We believe this is a process that should be undertaken slowly and deliberately, with the ultimate goal making you a better-trained physician. Most live Board Review programs involve intense cramming sessions with lists of material that the candidate may encounter. The cost is considerable and process inefficient. Trying to stay alert through three days of lectures, two to three months before the actual exam just doesn't do the task justice, nor does it honor the experience.

The inefficiency of this current board review process is made apparent by the statistics themselves. Only a mere 60% of the approximately 2000 candidates who take the exam each year, actually pass the first time.

Leading podiatric educators developed PRESENT Courseware to provide professional teaching materials that increase the convenience and efficiency of the current arduous board preparation process.

PRESENT Board Review serves as the revolutionary answer to all podiatrists seeking a more effective means of reviewing for the boards. Podiatrists using PRESENT Board Review can do so from the comfort of their own home at the times most convenient to them. PRESENT Board Review effectively eliminates all the burdens associated with traveling to costly live review courses.

Also now including special lectures by ex-board examiners, with specific advice on how to approach the review process and how to take the exam.
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We now offer CME credit, granted by The Kent State University of Podiatric Medicine, for every lecture that is viewed. We have developed a fully automated self-service system to create beautiful custom CME certificates that can be printed immediately after getting a 70% passing grade on a 10 question Post-Test. We believe this is the most immediate way that currently exists to earn the CME credit that podiatrists need to renew their state licensure. Let's say an individual is missing 3 credit hours at the end of his/her state's credit year. Easy...they login to PRESENT Board Review, view the lectures, and by the end of the evening, they will have three (3) certificates in hand, ready to submit to their state podiatry board.

181 Lectures Included (98.25 credits)

Anesthesia Credits Length
Topical Anesthetics for Open Wounds: Changing Perception and the Patient Experience 0.5 19 min
Biomechanics Credits Length
The Basic Biomechanical Exam 0.75 38 min
Musings on the Midtarsal Joint - Clinical Implications 0.5 31 min
The Impact of Biomechanics on Your Surgical Outcomes 0.5 29 min
Biomechanics of the Normal Gait Cycle 0.5 29 min
Fore-Foot Varus 0.5 27 min
Using the Biomechanical Examination to Make Decisions About Flatfoot Surgery 0.5 29 min
Casting for Neutral Orthotics 0.5 29 min
Frontal Plane Correction of Hallux Abducto Valgus - Fact or Fantasy? 0.5 28 min
Dermatology Credits Length
A Cosmetic Approach to Nails 0.5 29 min
Common Cutaneous Malignancies 0.5 25 min
Common Skin Disorders of the Foot and Leg - Biopsy and Pathology 0.5 23 min
Nevus vs Melanoma 0.5 28 min
Squamous Cell, Basal Cell, Melanoma, Oh My 0.5 31 min
Diabetic Foot Credits Length
DFU - Amputations: Pathophysiology and Risk Factors 0.5 23 min
Examining the Diabetic Foot - Look, Feel, and Listen 0.5 21 min
The Diabetic Lower Extremity - Current Challenges 0.5 27 min
Terminal Outcomes In The Diabetic Foot - How Does The Timeline Of Podiatric Biomechanical Intervention Modify Them 0.5 31 min
Diabetic Foot Infections 0.5 30 min
A Case in Point (or Two) From the High Risk Foot Clinic 0.5 31 min
Treatment Options for Diabetic Neuropathy 0.5 29 min
Charcot Foot - A Primer on Diagnosis and Treatment 0.5 18 min
Creating and Auditing a System of Excellence for Preventing Amputations 0.5 31 min
Diagnostic Testing Credits Length
Review of Laboratory Values 0.5 23 min
What Perioperative Testing Do I Really Need? 0.5 28 min
MSK Ultrasound not Just for Fascia 0.75 38 min
Foot Conditions Credits Length
Heel Pain: Injections - Steroids, PRP, Amniotic Tissue 0.5 25 min
Foot Orthoses for the Treatment of Plantar Heel Pain: Evidence-Based Recommendations Part 2 0.75 35 min
Common Podiatric Concerns In Older Adults 0.5 30 min
Lesser Metatarsalgia 0.5 26 min
The Adult Acquired Flatfoot - Part 3 NON-OPERATIVE TREATMENT 1 62 min
Hammer Toe - Implant or Not 0.5 18 min
The Adult Acquired Flatfoot - Part 1 PATHOMECHANICS 0.5 30 min
The Management and Comprehension of Hallux Valgus Complications 0.5 21 min
Peroneal Tendon Disorders 0.5 28 min
Pathomechanics of HAV 0.5 23 min
Management of Congenital Idiopathic Talipes Equinovarus (Clubfoot) 0.5 26 min
Hallux Varus 0.5 19 min
Foot Orthoses for the Treatment of Plantar Heel Pain: Evidence-Based Recommendations Part 1 0.5 28 min
Avascular Necrosis 0.5 18 min
Posterior Tibial Dysfunction 0.5 24 min
The Adult Acquired Flatfoot - Part 2 CLINICAL EVALUATION 1 49 min
Heel Pain....When it's not PPF 0.5 20 min
Tarsal Coalitions 0.5 23 min
Peri-Talar Subluxation 0.5 30 min
Osteochondral Lesions 0.5 19 min
Fundamentals Credits Length
Local Anesthesia Techniques - PT 1 0.5 23 min
Local Anesthesia Techniques - PT 2 0.5 18 min
Tipping Sacred Cows: Reassessing What We Know 0.5 21 min
General Medicine Credits Length
Review of Medicine Part I 2.25 124 min
Review of Pharmacology Part II 0 56 min
Review of Medicine Part II 1.75 106 min
Review of Pharmacology Part I 0 75 min
Imaging Credits Length
Calcaneal, Talar and Midfoot Trauma 0.5 29 min
Podiatric Emergency Radiology - Ankle Fractures 0.5 27 min
Diabetic Pedal Osteomyelitis - Concepts and Controversies Part 1 0.5 27 min
Radiographic Pitfalls In Lower Extremity Trauma 0.5 30 min
Midfoot Trauma 0.5 28 min
Infectious Disease Credits Length
It is Time to Take Onychomycosis Seriously 0.75 45 min
What's New in Antibiotics 0.5 32 min
Tinea Pedis - Update 0.75 34 min
Diabetic Foot Infections - IDSA Guidelines 0.75 34 min
Tinea Pedis - You Need to Treat It 0.5 27 min
Can Osteomyelitis be Effectively Managed Non-Operatively? 0.5 21 min
Pathology and Treatment of Polymicrobial Infection 0.5 32 min
What are You Treating in a Foot Ulcer? Pathology and Treatment of Polymicrobial Infection 0.5 29 min
Osteomyelitis: Should Hardware be Removed? 0.5 32 min
Update on Tinea Pedis 0.5 32 min
Onychomycosis: Scientific Diagnosis and Treatment 0.5 32 min
The Infectious Components of the Chronic Foot Ulcer 0.5 27 min
Life Skills Credits Length
Success is All About Customer Service 0.5 30 min
Careers in Academia 0.5 28 min
Healthcare Economics: Podiatry 2019 0.5 27 min
Improving Your Speaking Skills 0.75 44 min
Creating Your Dream Job 0 37 min
Neurology Credits Length
Failed Nerve Decompression 0.75 35 min
Review of Neuromuscular Diseases 0.5 30 min
Orthotics & Prosthetics Credits Length
Fixing Orthotic Problems 0.5 31 min
Treatment of Complex Ankle and Hindfoot Deformities with AFO Bracing 0.5 27 min
AFO's in Podiatric Medicine 0.5 22 min
Pathology Credits Length
Implications of Lymphatic Dysfunction and Failure 0.75 33 min
Pathomechanics Credits Length
Equinus - Overview of Pathomechanics 0.5 31 min
Podopediatrics Credits Length
Serial Casting in the 21st Century-PT2 0.5 27 min
Pediatric Adolescent Flatfoot Correction by Osteotomy and Grafting 0.5 28 min
Assessment of Pediatric Pes Planus: Part 1 0.75 36 min
Juvenile Hallux Valgus Deformities 0.5 24 min
The Use of Orthotics and Heel Stabilizers for the Management of Pediatric and Adolescent Flatfoot Deformity 0.5 31 min
Serial Casting in the 21st Century-PT1 0.5 31 min
Assessment of Pediatric Pes Planus: Part 2 0.75 39 min
Pes Planus Mechanical and Surgical Considerations 0.75 40 min
Practice Management Credits Length
Know the pitfalls of ICD-10 Coding: there are issues getting paid 0.5 27 min
Negotiating a Physician Employee Contract and a Contract with a Third Party Payor 0.75 37 min
Strategy Credits Length
Strategy for Taking the Oral Board Exam 0 48 min
Preparation for Your Podiatric Board Exam - Part II 0 49 min
Tips on Taking Your Board Examinations 0 49 min
Ankle vs Subtalar Instability 0.75 35 min
Preparation for your Podiatric Board Exam - Part III, Oral Exam 0 49 min
Preparation for your Podiatric Board Exam - Part I 0 59 min
Surgery Credits Length
Angulation-Rotation Deformity and Other Life-Altering Situations 0.75 42 min
Hemi Implant Great Toe Joint 0.5 29 min
Forefoot Amputations 0.5 20 min
The Complex Cavus Foot: Common Presentations and Surgical Corrective Options 0.5 28 min
Arthrodesis Techniques 0.5 18 min
Pediatric Osseous Flatfoot Reconstruction 0.5 30 min
Current Concepts In Fixation-An Overview 0.5 23 min
Conservative Surgeries for the Diabetic Foot - What Works and What Doesn't Work? 0.5 25 min
Intramedullary Rod Fixation for Ankle Fusion 0.5 21 min
Ray Amputations 0.5 24 min
Soft Tissue Balancing Procedures for Hammertoe Deformities: Leave the Bone Alone 0.5 31 min
Triple Arthrodesis: When and How 0.5 31 min
Suture 101 0.5 22 min
Treatment Options for Surgical Dehiscence 0.5 19 min
Surgical Hardware - When to Remove 0.5 27 min
Transmetatarsal Amputation 0.5 28 min
1st MTP Joint Implants - PT1 - Basic Principles 0.5 19 min
Hammered Digit Syndrome 0.5 26 min
Complications of Foot and Ankle Surgery 0.5 30 min
Bone Stimulation 0.5 22 min
Surgical Procedures in Hallux Limitus-Rigidus 0.5 23 min
Achilles Tendon Ruptures 0.75 35 min
Rearfoot Arthrodesis 0.5 26 min
FHL Transfer for Achilles Rupture and Repair 0.5 23 min
Percutaneous Bunion Correction - Are You Kidding Me? 0.5 27 min
Reconstructive Surgery of the First Ray 0.5 27 min
Mobile Bearing Ankle Replacement 0.5 32 min
The Transmetatarsal Amputation - The Diabetic's Operation 0.5 29 min
Dual-Component Metallic Implant vs K-Wire for PIPJ Fusion: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial 0.5 32 min
The Fundamentals of External Fixation 0.75 33 min
Digital Amputations 0.5 22 min
Isolated Talonavicular Fusion 0.5 18 min
The Scarf - Why So Many Cuts? 0.5 31 min
Subtalar Joint Arthroscopy 0.75 33 min
1st MTP Joint Implants - PT2 - Implant Techniques 0.5 22 min
Use of Lapidus for the Severe Bunion Deformity 0.5 32 min
Retrocalcaneal Exostosis-Surgical Approach 0.5 23 min
STJ Arthroereisis versus Evans Calcaneal Osteotomy 0.5 20 min
Total Ankle Replacement - State of the Art 0.5 31 min
Trauma & Sports Medicine Credits Length
Calcaneal Fractures: To Plate or Not to Plate 0.5 25 min
Management of High-Risk Foot and Ankle Trauma 0.5 19 min
Trauma 0.75 37 min
A Sports Medicine Approach to Treating Common Foot Injuries 0.5 32 min
Ankle Fractures in the Diabetic 0.5 24 min
Vascular Credits Length
Complications of Lymphedema & Phlebolymphedema 0.5 20 min
Arterial Disease in the Diabetic Lower Extremity: Current Options for Management 0.75 40 min
DVT Prophylaxis- When and How? 0.5 19 min
Advances in the State-of-the-Art Endovascular Therapy in Lower Limbs - What the Podiatrist Must Know! 0.5 19 min
Treatment of PAD - Techniques and Goals 0.75 40 min
Differential Diagnosis of Clinical Edemas 0.75 40 min
Typical Skin Changes Associated with Various Edemas 0.75 37 min
The Use of Compression in Lower Extremity Pathology 0.5 28 min
Relationship Between AVL Systems and Pathophysiology of Phlebolymphedema 0.5 24 min
Enhancements in the."State-of-the-Art" of Endovascular Therapy for PAD in Lower Limbs - What the Podiatrist Must Know! 0.5 22 min
Infrainguinal Bypasses - Still the Best? Or Now Second Choice 0.5 18 min
Lymphedema - Etiology and Stages 0.75 40 min
Endovascular Revascularization of the Diabetic Foot 0.5 30 min
Medical Management for Various Edemas 0.5 23 min
Total Ankle Arthroplasty - A Brief Overview 0.75 33 min
Edema Management Best Practice 0.75 33 min
What Your Feet Say About Your Heart 0.75 34 min
Wound Care Credits Length
Utilizing Basic Wound Management Products 0.5 32 min
Growth Factor Therapies - A clinical review of PDGF 0.75 40 min
Comprehensive Integument Assessment 0.5 24 min
Topical Wound Oxygen - Clinical Overview 0.5 23 min
Cyclical Pressurized Oxygen as an Adjunct to Effective Wound Healing 0.5 22 min
The Science of Cryopreserved Placental Membrane and Their Relevance in Chronic Wounds 0.5 28 min
Problem Cases from the High Risk Foot clinic: Infection Management and Limb Salvage 0.75 44 min
A Biophysical Approach for Healing Chronic Wounds 0.5 22 min
Total Contact Cast 0.5 27 min
Evidence that Demands a Verdict - Hyperbaric Oxygen in Wound Healing 0.5 18 min
Biology of Wound Healing - Principles and Practice 0.5 21 min
The Menace of Diabetic Gangrene - Can It Be Prevented? 0.5 23 min
Tissue Texture Lab 0.5 26 min
Wound Bed Preparation 0.5 27 min
Assessing Your Patient's Wound Healing Potential 0.5 25 min
Cyclical High Pressure Topical Wound Oxygen Therapy 0.5 24 min
Using Placental Derived MSCs for Complex Wounds 0.5 30 min
Mesenchymal Stem Cells Bone Graft Infusion or Defect: Experimental and Clinical Use 0.5 28 min
Infectious Etiologies in Chronic Foot Ulcer - The Use of Long Acting Disinfectants for Wound Management 0.5 30 min
Midfoot Ulcers & Charcot Arthropathy treated primarily with Gastroc-soleus Recession (GSR) 0.5 24 min
Clinical Examination and Differential Diagnosis of LE Edema 0.75 37 min
Biophysical Agents: Energies to Jump Start Chronic Stalled Wounds 0.75 45 min