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Need a Report of Your CMEs Earned on PRESENT Podiatry?
Follow these 3 easy steps....

I was there a way to download and print a document that displays my name, my CME credits, and my lecture topics? I have to submit this to my employer. Thanks for your time.

Is there a way to print out some type of report that documents my name, the lectures, the CMEs and the total hours? I am trying to manually add up CME credits for the 80+ lectures I've taken AND I also don't want to print 80+ certificates to furnish documentation to the hospital I am staff at.

Yes, there sure is. We are asked this frequently and developed a report for it.

1. It’s called My Lecture Report and it’s in the upper right account menu:

2. When you are logged in, you’ll see your name. Pull down that menu and select My Lecture Report

3. Select Edit Report and you’ll be able to enter the Date Range that you want, Run the Report and then Select Download CSV.