New Research Demonstrates That APLIGRAF® DOWNREGULATES FIBROSIS in Venous Leg Ulcers (VLUs)


Previous clinical research
has shown that Apligraf:

  • Activates keratinocytes at the
    wound edge1,2
  • Regulates and corrects growth
    factor signaling1-5

This new research shows
that Apligraf:

  • Restores fibroblast function at the wound base, thus normalizing ECM production and MMP balance6
  • Downregulates fibrosis formation6
Apligraf—Bioengineered With Living Cells.

Apligraf is indicated for use with standard therapeutic compression for the treatment of non-infected partial and full-thickness skin ulcers due to venous insufficiency of greater than 1 month duration and which have not adequately responded to conventional ulcer therapy.7

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ECM = Extracellular Matrix; MMP = Matrix Metalloproteinase

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