The TV Reality Show that Podiatry Really Wanted
"My Feet Are Killing Me"
Get the Inside Scoop on the January 2 Debut of the First Podiatry Reality Show

Deepal Dalal, DPM Interviews Co-Star Ebonie Vincent, DPM

Nine Episode Series coming to The Learning Channel beginning January 2 at 10PM

It’s now official. The Learning Channel just announced that the new podiatry reality series My Feet Are Killing Me, featuring podiatrists Ebonie Vincent, DPM and Brad Schaeffer, DPM, will begin a nine episode run in January. The show has been given the coveted time spot directly following the new season episodes of Dr. Pimple Popper, the juicy dermatology series featuring Sandra Lee, MD. Yes, we do live in a world where, because of its massive audience size, we want our podiatry reality show to air after a show based on a lovely board-certified dermatologist who specializes in popping zits. So set your DVRs for The Learning Channel (TLC) Thursday, January 2 at 10PM and weekly thereafter. 

Original Series Trailer

Unlike The Toe Bro, which featured Toronto chiropodist Jonathan Tomines, My Feet Are Killing Me shows the daily patient encounters of well-trained modern American podiatrists. This show is going to give podiatry a media presence unlike anything that it’s had before. It’s not the salacious reporting done by Dr. Oz, where he uses a single disgruntled recent post-op patient as the reason to indict the entire option of surgical bunion correction. No, this show highlights the good care and high-tech solutions that patients receive in modern podiatry practices.

Each hour-long episode follows three patients – who after years, if not decades of neglect – turn to Dr Ebonie and Dr Brad to fix their unusual foot conditions so they may reclaim their lives and confidence. The gripping personal stories featured will include: a paranormal romance novelist who hopes to get her unwieldy and unsightly sixth toe amputated; an athlete with two dramatically different sized feet; a former professional dancer with a bunion so big she can hardly walk; a man suffering from Proteus syndrome, or the Elephant Man’s Disease which has left him with gigantic feet; a patient with a double big toe; a nudist with severe fungus; and an adorable toddler born with 12 toes. Tackling everything from grave ailments and cosmetic procedures to full foot reconstruction, these telegenic doctors use their expert surgical skills to fix embarrassing foot problems and change people’s lives.

New 6-minute trailer for show - Unsock the Shock

Your patients are going to be watching this show and talking about it around the water cooler at work and when they see their friends, just like they talk about Survivor, The Bachelor, and Keeping Up with the Kardashians. They’ll also be asking you whether you do work like what you see on the show. So be ready with your answers by watching a few episodes. If you have any reactions to what you see, feel free to add them in the Comment box below.