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Long Term Results of Percutaneous Repair of the Ruptured Achilles Tendon

Optimal treatment for Achilles tendon ruptures is controversial. Data supports conservative and surgical treatment, with many different suture techniques. Percutaneous treatment has been previously studied but found to have inferior strength to an open repair. However, long term studies are limited on this surgical method. This study evaluates long-term results of a modified percutaneous Achilles tendon repair under local anesthesia, evaluating functional scores, complications, recurrence, and strength. This article helps us determine, is percutaneous repair a safe and effective option for treatment of a ruptured Achilles tendon?

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Long-Term Results With the Use of Modified Percutaneous Repair of the Ruptured Achilles Tendon Under Local Anaesthesia (15-Year Analysis With 270 Cases)

Journal of Foot & Ankle Surgery, September 2019 Volume 58, Issue 5, Pages 828–836

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