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Residency Directors Guide to Leading Group View Online Lectures

When Residency Directors view lectures with groups of residents, what we call a Team View Session, they can now give each resident credit for having viewed the lectures. This credit shows up on all reports showing the residents' progress in completing the annual curriculum in the PRESENT Online Residency Education Program.

How Ron Guberman, DPM uses Team View Lectures as Residency Director of Wyckoff Heights Medical Center

"We’ve been doing Team View sessions of the PRESENT Online Lectures in our program and its working out very well for us. We have a large screen monitor that everyone can see. We do the pre-test and discuss the questions together, getting everyone's input. We watch the lecture, stopping a few times to discuss certain points and issues and then discuss the cases and issues associated with the conditions as a group at the end of the lecture. Finally, we take the post-test together. It’s been an excellent interactive learning experience that we enjoy, and I think every program would enjoy. We find that there is a great benefit in viewing and discussing the lectures as a group. With the new system that PRESENT created that now lets the director give the individual residents credit who are watching as a group, it adds an additional documentable educational benefit to our program that I'm sure all programs will agree with. We look forward to continuing doing these as a group on a weekly basis. We are very grateful to PRESENT for creating this additional benefit for residency programs."

Ronald Guberman, DPM
Residency Director, Wyckoff Heights Medical Center


The Residency Director should log in to their own account, do the Team View Session with the residents including the Pre-Test, Post-Test, and Survey, and upon successful completion, follow the instructions below to Select the residents that participated to give them credit.

1. Select the Residency Tab in the Top Menu (if not already selected)

2. Select Members Button to see Roster of Residents


3. Select Give Group Lecture Credit Button


4.  Check Participating Residents

5.  Select Lecture Viewed

6.  Select Add Lecture Credit Button


7.   It may take up to 30 seconds, but you will receive a CONFIRMATION on the screen that the Residents have received the credit.

Now go back and for ALL the lectures that you Team Viewed with your residents, give them the credit that they deserve.