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Kinematics and Muscle Activity when Running in Partial Minimalist, Traditional, and Maximalist Shoes

There is scarce research on the impact of different types of running shoes on a runner’s kinematics and muscle activity. Traditionally, many podiatrists would recommend a more stable,  maximalist shoes. However, runners and recreational athletes seem to walk into the office wearing lighter, minimalist running shoes. This study evaluates the impact these shoes have on seven muscle groups as well as the biomechanical changes they impose while running. This information could be useful in prevention of injury and educating your patients that like to run on appropriate shoe gear for their activity.

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Becker J, Borgia B. Kinematics and muscle activity when running in partial minimalist, traditional, and maximalist shoes. J Electromyogr Kinesiol. 2020 Feb;50:102379.

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