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Functional Outcomes of Unstable Ankle Fractures in Adolescents

Although normally an unstable ankle fracture will require operative treatment in the adult population, the pediatric population may not require surgery due to the better healing potential in that age group. This study compares the functional outcomes in pediatric patients who suffered an unstable fracture pattern and underwent surgical and nonsurgical treatments. Not surprising, these fractures healed, intermediate term outcomes determine that only the nondisplaced fractures had good functional outcomes as compared to the operative group. Therefore, surgery may not be necessary in unstable fracture patterns in pediatric patients if they are minimally or nondisplaced. 

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Lurie BM, Bomar JD, Edmonds EW, et al. Functional Outcomes of Unstable Ankle Fractures in Adolescents. J Pediatr Orthop. 2019 Dec 10.