Heroes of Podiatry
Podiatry Residents Step Up to the Frontlines at Norwegian American Hospital Near Chicago

With the current pandemic sweeping across our planet, every individual is to do their part in overcoming COVID-19. For many, this means staying in, working from home, social distancing from friends and loved ones, and other sacrifices. For healthcare providers this is requiring risks to their personal health and that of their families.

Norwegian American Hospital is a safety-net hospital in the Humboldt Park neighborhood of Chicago. Every healthcare provider has been doing their part to continue delivering outstanding care, not only for COVID-19 patients, but also for other patients with health conditions that require more robust medical attention at a hospital level. Together, all the healthcare providers at NAH have successfully maintained the outpatient clinics and the emergency department open, and available, to meet the needs of the community. 

Dr Ivankovich, Dr Sadeghi, Dr Seferovic, and Ms Munoz, all pictured, are a few examples of healthcare professionals on the frontlines at NAH. While the elective surgical load of the hospital has been minimal, our fellow podiatry residents, Dr Sadeghi and Dr Seferovic have been dedicating time to the inpatient departments most affected by staff reassignments. They have been working hand in hand with different care teams to provide lifesaving procedures to all patients.

From left of the picture to right: Dr Seferovic, OR nurse Ms Carmen Munoz, orthopedic surgeon attending Dr Danial Ivankovich, and Dr Sadeghi. This picture was taken last Friday afternoon April 3, 2020, after a lifesaving below knee amputation of a patient suffering from rapidly progressing infection.


Dr Nadia Sadeghi, Dr Velid Seferovic, and Dr Lou Santangelo