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Working and Managing Your Practice During the COVID-19 Pandemic - Part 1

My name is Terry Hess and I have been a practicing podiatrist since 1993, in the state of Washington. Like all of us, my passion has always been to provide the best care for my patients. The last five years or so I’ve realized that, with the excess regulations and computer time, many of us are forced to spend more time on the business of medicine and less time on our precious patients. I’ve been fortunate to have built an incredible team, which has allowed my practice to expand, grow more successful, and has also afforded me a little more time to get back to what I love the most, taking care of my patients.

COVID-19 has presented new set of challenges for all of us. Private practice was already in peril, and this new crisis will make it difficult for some to survive, let alone thrive. As advocates of the profession and small business, my team and I decided we had a duty to share our knowledge. I really think podiatry has an opportunity to enhance our job more than we’ve ever done.

We have created a series of modules where different members of my team, starting with my CEO Joelene, to my CFO, Bryan, Clinical Supervisor, Kym, Administrative Manager, Jamie, and Human Resources Coordinator, Marta, will guide you through their respective areas of expertise in what we have done to face the COVID crisis head on. These include applying for the Paycheck Protection Program, Clinic Safety Measures and Protocols, implementing Telemedicine (and getting paid for it), scheduling optimization and managing staff. As we learn new best practices, tips or ideas, we have committed to continuing this series.

In some ways, this crisis is bringing out the best in humanity. I recently saw a sign on a closed business saying, “We will get through this together.” As a profession, we can get through this together and maybe emerge stronger than ever.

Terry Hess

Introduction from Chairman of the Board, Dr Terry Hess and Joelene Gioulis, CEO

COVID-19 will change Podiatry forever. With smart strategies, we can not only first survive, but arrive on the other side of this stronger and better than ever. Our team has put together this series to help with your short term needs as well as your long-term goals all the while mitigating risk.

CFO Bryan Alvarez Introduces the Payroll Protection Plan

COVID-19 creates a unique set of challenges in the financial area of running your practice. Bryan will provide clarification and information on the Paycheck Protection Program.

Here are links to the pertinent documents talked about in this video:

Web Links and Documents Needed To Apply


CFO Bryan Alvarez answers questions concerning the Payroll Protection Plan

Bryan answers questions on the Paycheck Protection Program and the Transcript of Payroll Taxes.

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