PRESENT Podiatry Online - Most Popular Lectures of 2018

The PRESENT Podiatry Online Lecture Hall was a very busy place this year. Our members viewed more lectures than ever before and earned more CME than ever. In the coming months, we will be introducing a new and improved edition of PRESENT Podiatry Online Board Review and special state-specific packages of lectures just the right size and priced at a discount for you to earn the exact amount of CME that each of your states allows you to earn online. PRESENT Podiatry has been your best source for online Podiatry CME since 2005 and we continue to develop ways to make the task of earning our CME as convenient, inexpensive, and as educationally enriching as it can be.

We at PRESENT Podiatry Wish You All the Happiest, Healthiest and Most Prosperous New Year!

Ever wonder what your podiatrist colleagues are most interested in? These were the Most Popular Lectures viewed for CME in 2018

1. 5th Metatarsal Fractures - Jones Fractures

Larry Fallat, DPM discusses both conservative and surgical management of Jones fractures, as well as reviews the outcomes of these treatments. 

2. 2nd MPJ Pathology and Treatment

Bruce Werber, DPM discusses 2nd MPJ pathology including etiology diagnosis, along with conservative and surgical treatment options for repair.

3. A Cosmetic Approach to Nails

Tracey Vlahovic, DPM discusses the different types of cosmetic nails available on the market and how nail art can effect you and your practice.

4. 1st MPJ Arthrodesis vs Hemi-Implant

David Davidson, DPM discusses the controversial issues relating to procedures that achieve successful restoration of motion in Hallux rigidus. Dr Davidson cites studies that support both procedures.

5. Advanced Therapies for Chronic Wounds

Anthony R Iorio, DPM, MPH, CPed discusses acute and chronic diabetic and venous leg and foot ulcers, and their dramatic response to the application of dehydrated human amnion chorion membrane in conjunction with compression therapy and excellent wound care. Dr Iorio cites multiple studies and statistics that support these applications for treating these as well as other types of wounds.

Ever wonder what podiatric residents today are most interested in? These were the Most Popular Lectures viewed by Residents in 2018

1. Tipping Sacred Cows: Reassessing What We Know

Jarrod Shapiro, DPM discusses the importance of maintaining a questioning attitude with exploration and reassessment of evidence-based practices. Dr Shapiro cites examples of famous people and their experiments and how doctors have built upon previous discoveries to improve current medical practice.

2. Edema Management Best Practice

Heather Hettrick, PT, PhD, CWS, CLT- LANA, CLWT discusses skin and wound care to control edema and education of patients to maintain healthy practices for life. Dr Hettrick discusses in detail the importance of compression in edema and examines the types of compressions appropriate for various situations such as venous insufficiency.

3. Techniques to Assist Wound Healing

John Doolan, DPM discusses the common diabetic neuropathic foot ulcerations as well as prophylactic surgical techniques to assist with wound healing. Dr Doolan also discusses prophylactic surgical procedures for prevention of recurrence, once healing has occurred.

4. Should Your Wound Breathe?

Mark Q Niederauer, PhD discusses the continuous diffusion of oxygen (CDO) on diabetic foot ulcers and supports his lecture with data from random controlled fully blinded trials (RCT). Dr Niederhauer offers comparisons of the effects of CDO with results of other therapies such as moist wound therapy (MWT) and placebo use.

5. Topical Wound Oxygen - Clinical Overview

Christopher K Bromley, DPM presents the physiology of wound healing and the importance of oxygen in that process. Dr Bromley reviews the role of compression in the healing of venous stasis ulcers as well as differentiating topical versus chamber oxygen therapy.