The Adult Acquired Flatfoot: More Than Just PTTD


Douglas Richie, Jr, DPM

Douglas Richie, Jr, DPM
Clinical Associate Professor
California School of Podiatric Medicine
at Samuel Merritt University
Oakland, CA

The Adult Acquired Flatfoot (AAF) represents one of the most challenging conditions from a biomechanics standpoint which presents regularly to the podiatric physician.

Once considered a simple case of rupture of the posterior tibial tendon (PTTD), the Adult Acquired Flatfoot is a progressive debilitating pathology characterized by both tendon and ligament rupture in the ankle and hindfoot. Surgical options for correcting alignment and preventing progression of disability are challenging to both the treating physician as well as the patient themself. With accurate examination and diagnostic testing, the majority of patients in early to mid-stage AAF deformity can be treated successfully without surgery. This webinar will review the pathomechanics of AAF and then describe the key steps for evaluation and staging of deformity.

The selection of proper interventions and rehabilitation protocols, all evidence based, will be reviewed so that the practitioner can restore mobility to patients with AAF and avoid debilitating surgery.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the pathoanatomy and pathomechanics of adult acquired flatfoot deformity.
  2. Understand the key diagnostic tests to accurately stage deformity.
  3. Review the published research regarding orthotic intervention for adult acquired flatfoot.
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