Podiatrist's CME Will All Be Online During the Next Year

For the next year, until summer of 2021, when COVID will likely continue to cause cancellation of all live CME conferences, we believe that nearly all CME will be earned online. The majority of states, 27 at last count, allow their DPMs to earn 100% of their CME online, but 23 still limit it. Check here to see what YOUR state allows.

The states that currently limit online CME will all need to issue waivers for these limitations like NY, PA, and AZ have done, so that all CME can be earned online in all states by all podiatrists. If they fail to do this, they will be putting their DPMs in the uncomfortable situation of having to earn 2 years of CME in the last year of their CME cycle, depending on when the cycle ends.

What Are the Current Choices for DPMs to Earn CME?

Online CME comes as (1) live streamed scheduled programs and (2) “enduring media” recorded on-demand programs. The Council on Podiatric Medical Education (CPME) regulates how podiatrists earn CME for each of these formats. Here are how each of these choices work...

Live Streamed Scheduled CME Programs

In the case of programs that are run live, the CPME regulations are the same whether in person at a live conference or streamed online using Zoom or other streaming services. For these formats, CPME requires verification of attendance in some manner to earn your CME. Generally, it’s by the reporting done by the platform as to how many minutes the DPM was “connected” to the program or an attendance verification, where the DPM responds to a poll to confirm that they are watching the lectures, once in the AM and PM for full day programs. Examples of live streaming CME are the 1 hour CME Webinars that have become popular recently and full day or multiple live streaming CME conferences, which to various extents, simulate the online experience of attending a live conference. All of these scheduled events broadcast live to the audience.

Recorded On-Demand CME Lectures

Recorded on-demand lectures have the advantage of convenience in that they do not need to be scheduled. They are viewed wherever the DPM has time, on-demand and they are verified by the passing of a minimum competency post test…generally 5 questions which are not challenging but do serve to confirm that the DPM watched the program. The most prominent example of this in podiatry is the 300+ fresh recorded lectures in the PRESENT Podiatry Online CME Lecture Hall, where in the last 12 months, over 50,000 lectures have been completed for credit by DPMs.

Here are some examples for the PRESENT Lecture Hall/Free Webinars section.

Healing Venous and Other Leg Ulcers with Topical Wound Oxygen Therapy
Cathy Smith MSN, CWON , FNP-BC
Wael Ahmed Tawfick, MB BCh, MRCSI

This Free On-Demand Webinar discusses Healing Venous and Other Leg Ulcers with Topical Oxygen Wound Therapy
View Here
PRESENT Webinar On-Demand Online
The Adult Acquired Flatfoot: More Than Just PTTD
Douglas Richie, Jr, DPM

The Adult Acquired Flatfoot (AAF) represents one of the most challenging conditions from a biomechanics standpoint which presents regularly to the podiatric physician.
View Here
PRESENT Webinar On-Demand Online

Conclusion – You Have 3 Very Good Choices

So in conclusion, you have 3 very good choices here at PRESENT Podiatry (http://podiatry.com) for earning your CME and keeping your skills and knowledge sharp this year. They are all online and offer various formats with each offering it’s own level of convenience and accessibility for you:

  1. PRESENT Online CME Lecture Hall - Recorded On-Demand CME Lectures – available whenever you wish to view them, each 0.5-1.5 CME credits. Pass post-test to earn credit
  2. PRESENT Live 1 Hour Webinars – Weekly Live Streamed Scheduled CME Webinar – scheduled, live, 1 hour CME programs. Verify attendance, complete online CME survey to earn credit
  3. PRESENT Online Conferences - Live Streamed Multi-Day CME Conferences – scheduled, live on weekends, 20+ CME credits. Verify attendance, complete online CME survey to earn credit

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