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Residents: Why You Should Attend This Year’s Virtual Residency Summit

This year’s PRESENT Podiatric Residency Education Virtual Summit is going to happen on Saturday and Sunday, September 26 and 27, 2020. Residents, are you signed up to attend? If not, then let me explain why you should.

  1. The ONLY conference for residents. There are a lot of conferences to go to, even now that everything is online, but NONE of them have been created for residents. The content is expressly for you. Practicing podiatrists may attend and benefit – the content is excellent – but the conference is created with you in mind. No other conference can say that.
  2. It’s free. If you have attended one of the Residency Summits in the past, you’ll know that the PRESENT folks have, for years, put on these conferences for free. They’ve paid for the conference fees, your hotel costs, and the legendarily excellent food. They have put on lectures and workshops, all of which have heavy costs to them, without passing on those costs to you. Previously, the only cost to residents was travel. There were and still are NO conferences that give you all that for free. Now, obviously you won’t travel to the conference this year since it’s virtual, which makes attending 100% free. What more can you ask?
  3. Great content and speakers. There are a bunch of great speakers with so much knowledge and lots of new perspectives to help you grow as a physician.
  4. Virtual exhibit hall. Always keeping with the most current technology, the PRESENT organizers created a virtual exhibit hall to allow you to interact with vendors in a new way. Who knows? Maybe this will be the wave of the future. Get on it at the beginning.
  1. The Residency Rumble. What would the Residency Summits be without the Rumble? Yes, they’re still having it this year, but because there is now one national conference rather than two regional ones residents can test their knowledge against the rest of the country, and we’ll see just who’s the smartest of them all.
  2. You only have ONE chance. Due to the challenges running conferences during the pandemic, the organizers of the previous two conferences (East and Midwest) have combined this into one. That means you have only one chance to advance your education for free.

Also, don’t forget that residency director conference fees are waived for those with at least 2 residents that attend. Yes, residents, you can even benefit your program directors. With all of these benefits – all for free – what can possibly hold residents back? Come join us for a fun weekend of education at the most unique conference in the country. I’ll see you there online!

Podiatric Residency Summit Online 2020

Best wishes.

Jarrod Shapiro, DPM
PRESENT Practice Perfect Editor

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