PRESENT e-Learning Systems Achieves Huge Growth in 2020 as Podiatrists’ CME Transitions to Online

2020 was a huge year for the growth of online services of all kinds due to the COVID-19 pandemic rendering in-person events undesirable. Online education in the Podiatry field was no exception. PRESENT e-Learning Systems introduced 2 new forms of online CME education in 2020, Live Streaming Virtual Online Conferences and Online Webinars, and continued to grow their traditional online on-demand CME lecture program. The end result was a 174% growth in CECHs delivered and a 143% growth in individuals served. A total of 4,952 individuals completed education with PRESENT in 2020 and earned a total of 86,545 CECHs, an average of 18 CECHs each. 1,538 individuals completed Live Streaming Virtual Online Conferences with PRESENT, a form of CME education previously quite rare, earning a total of 39,057 CECHs. 6,576 earned CECHs for 29 Webinars that PRESENT ran for the first time in 2020, earning 6,342 CECHs. 54,875 online On-Demand Lectures were completed in the PRESENT Podiatry Online Lecture Hall by 2,418 individuals for 38,650 CECHs, a 125% increase over 2019. PRESENT delivered 26,977 CECHs to 782 of the 960 people who attended the Desert Foot 2020 Virtual Conference alone. All in all, 40% of the profession participated in at least one education activity with PRESENT in 2020. 

  2019 2020  
Total lecture completions 24,388 54,875 125%
Total webinars completions 0 6,576  
Total virtual conferences completion 0 1,538  
Total live conferences completions 1,110 213 -81%
Total members included in report 2,039 4,952 143%
Total credits or credit hours earned 31,630.00 86,545.22 174%