Don Pelto, DPM Interviews Dr Ira Kraus about New Practitioner Pearls in Private Practice

In this interview, we talk with Dr Ira Kraus about new practitioner pearls in private practice where Ira focuses on billing, patient protocols, and goes into details about using group purchasing for discounts.

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This is a podiatry practice mastery group to talk about effective practice management tips. The format will include a short presentation about a topic and then we will divide up into Breakout rooms to talk to one another and learn from one another. The sessions will usually be about 1 hour. They will usually occur on the 1st Wednesday of each month at 12:30pm EDT. There is no charge to attend these Group Sessions.

Here is a list of tentative future topics:

- Protocols for Plantar Fasciitis

- Tips for Making YouTube Videos

- Protocols for Diagnostic Ultrasound

- Tips for Setting up Educational Patient Webinars

- Tips and Protocols for Shockwave Therapy

- Tips for Patient Communication and Gaining Online Reviews

- Protocols for Achilles Tendonitis


**Space is limited**

Click HERE to Register. There is no charge to attend these Group Sessions.

Upcoming Session April 7, 2021