Don Pelto, DPM Interviews Dr Tyson Franklin - Follow Your Passion in Podiatry

In this interview, Dr Tyson Franklin will go over doing what you really enjoy as a podiatrist and trust that the money will follow. Dr Franklin is a business coach and has some great resources for new and established doctors.

Tyson's Website:

Tyson's Book:

12 Week Podiatry Business Reboot:

This is a podiatry practice mastery group to talk about effective practice management tips. The format will include a short presentation about a topic and then we will divide up into Breakout rooms to talk to one another and learn from one another. The sessions will usually be about 1 hour. They will usually occur on the 1st Wednesday of each month at 12:30pm EDT. There is no charge to attend these Group Sessions.

Here is a list of tentative future topics:

- Protocols for Plantar Fasciitis

- Tips for Making YouTube Videos

- Protocols for Diagnostic Ultrasound

- Tips for Setting up Educational Patient Webinars

- Tips and Protocols for Shockwave Therapy

- Tips for Patient Communication and Gaining Online Reviews

- Protocols for Achilles Tendonitis


**Space is limited**

Click HERE to Register. There is no charge to attend these Group Sessions.

Upcoming Session May 5, 2021