A Strong Testimonial for CME Online at PRESENT Podiatry

PRESENT member Corrine Gehegan, DPM of Edgewater, New Jersey, sent the following message to us recently about her experience using the PRESENT On-Demand CME Online Lecture Hall to earn her CME:

PRESENT Online CME is a game changer and is absolutely vital. First and foremost, the courses are available 24/7 everyday of the year. I primarily use my phone to access the website. I have listened to lectures while putting on make-up in the morning, doing push-ups and sit-ups, running, driving, eating breakfast and cleaning the house. It's like a friend I can always turn to!

PRESENT Podiatry is ideal for several reasons. Not only is the yearly tuition affordable, but the price of each lecture is inversely proportional to the number of credits earned. The site is user friendly and I particularly like the search options. There are an abundance of topics and the presenters are leaders in our industry. Sometimes I will choose a topic regarding a condition that I do not treat just because I enjoy the presenter. Additionally, I believe that it is paramount to be up to date academically even if the knowledge may not be applied clinically in one's particular practice. Today I listened to Dr. Schoenhaus' lecture "Hammered Digit Syndrome". I completed my residency 16 years ago and I am re-certified in Foot Surgery by ABFAS. Dr. Schoenhaus stressed that hammer toe repair is not simple, and it is often ignored by residents after completing the first year of training.

The length of the lectures is ideal. They are long enough to acquire knowledge, but not too long whereby one becomes fatigued. The pre-test and post-test requirements also assist in remaining focused. I can pause a lecture and take a screen shot of a power point page for future reference. I can then file the screen shot under CME in my phone. Attending conferences can be fun and the energy is great, however, this involves not only forfeiting income, but committing to high expenses. This can be avoided with online CME if one chooses.

PRESENT Podiatry's "Education Completion Report" is another excellent feature. You can retrieve all of your CME Certificates and neat reports on your CME earned at any time. In addition to the CME opportunities, the website provides easy access to links regarding conferences, articles, news, and state CME laws.

I have recommended PRESENT Podiatry to several peers. I tell them that it is "THE BEST THING EVER!". Everyone involved in the development and management of PRESENT Podiatry deserves accolades.

Stay well,
Corinne Gehegan, DPM
Edgewater, New Jersey

You Have 3 Very Good Choices

You have 3 very good choices here at PRESENT Podiatry (http://podiatry.com) for earning your CME and keeping your skills and knowledge sharp this year. They are all online and offer various formats with each offering it’s own level of convenience and accessibility for you:

  1. PRESENT Online CME Lecture Hall - Recorded On-Demand CME Lectures – available whenever you wish to view them, each worth 0.5-1.5 CME credits. Pass post-test to earn credit
  2. PRESENT Live 1 Hour Webinars – Weekly Live Streamed Scheduled CME Webinar – scheduled, live, 1 hour CME programs. Verify attendance, complete online CME survey to earn credit
  3. PRESENT Online Conferences - Live Streamed Multi-Day CME Conferences – scheduled, live on weekends, 20+ CME credits. Verify attendance, complete online CME survey to earn credit
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